Observing every little detail on his arms

Talk about a long Stockholm blog update, lol! But it was a great day and there was not a chance that I would fill all of those photos in one post. We actually went home quite early because we were simply satisfied and happy with our day. There was a bit of drama at the central station though. We were going to buy tickets but none of the machines worked. They didn't seem to work for anyone! We ran to the train in the last minute and were told that we should just tell the staff about the technical issues. But it took forever for the conductor to come by to check people's tickets so we couldn't relax. If you are on the train without a ticket, then you will be fined a lot of money and thrown off. That was certainly an awkward situation that we didn't want to deal with. I got tired of waiting and feeling nervous so I got up and looked for the conductor. I found her sitting on her seat reading a newspaper and she told me that no one has been able to buy tickets so it's totally fine. Phew! I walked back to Nick and we could finally just lean back and relax. While sitting there I all of a sudden got very sad about Nick leaving soon. It got a bit too real. I leaned my head on his shoulder and was observing every little detail on his arms, trying to remember exactly what it looked like and how it felt. It's the little things that you miss the most when you can't see each other.
We ended up having a fun little party night by ourselves, because we needed to have some fun instead of thinking about what made us depressed. We ate food, played games, listened to music, Nick sang to me which I always love when he does. Then we had a spontaneous "photo shoot" outside of the house xD I love it when he wears the jeans vest and grey sweater so I convinced him to pose a bit for me ;) I am after all known to love photography. And I have a handsome future husband <3 We both have a creative side and complement each other in so many ways.

Wonderful day coming to an end!
Bye Stockholm
Handsome <3
Quite the gorgeous pink sunset

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