A big farewell, potato skins, blood pudding and a bistro!

After being in Västerås for 1½ month my sister Josefine, her fiancé Johan and baby Agnes were going back up to Umeå. They came by to show their new car and see us one last time. It sucked so bad to say good bye because it had been great having them here! Also, I knew that I would have to say good bye to Nick just a few days. Why did they all have to leave at the same time?? xD But my sister and her family are going to come back to Västerås in October so I am hoping to have time to see them then, unless I have already moved to San Jose by then. My plan is to go back to Sweden next May/June to write some more exams and that will be around Agnes's first birthday too, which is perfect. Just can't believe how big she will be by then!
For lunch me and Nick went to Bistro Gränden which is a somewhat new restaurant. I have been there several times and looove their pesto pasta. Their whole menue is basically all of the stuff that Nick likes so I knew it'd be a hit. The place looks fancy and has good service, but is not too expensive. I was right. He could eat there every day ;) I am already looking forward to going back there with him one day! One thing that I love about us is that we can enjoy food together. No one is poking around in a salad complaining about their weight. We just dig and and go "OMG THIS IS DELICIOOOOOUS!!" :P
Afterwards Nick really, really wanted to go bowling. One of his favorite memories if us is when we spontaneously decided to go bowling while dating. We were at a bar checking out some rock bands and it had a bowling alley in the room next door. He said that he had almost never played bowling and that he would probably suck. But he kicked my ass big time, because apparently he used to go bowling all of the time :P So he was very disappointed when we realized that the place in Västerås was closed today. I offered him ice cream or a visit to our favorite bakery and that sure cheered him up :P haha! So we went to Öhrmans to buy pastries and then bought chantarelles and groceries in preparation for tonight's dinner. Nick was pretty shocked at the store when he asked "what is that?". He was pointing at a black product in the meat section. He hardly believed me when I said that it was blood pudding xD haha! I used to eat that as a kid with sausage and mushrooms. So gross to think back on that.
We spent the whole evening cooking food for us and my parents. It was sweet how Nick was always so nervous when he cooked for my parents because he wanted the food to turn out right. But he had to use ingredients that he wasn't always sure what they were. So it was hard to know what the result would be. He wanted my parents to really enjoy it. Nick always goes all out with food, no matter what time of day it is. He has fun with it and always comes up with new things to make. I had been craving his potato skins so bad for months and they were delicious... fried potato skins with sour cream, green onions, cheese and dried onion... yum.. the other's had bacon too. I made chantarelle sandwiches wich is a popular dish here in Sweden. Chantarelles are called the forest gold because of their color and how much we love them. I had never cooked them before though and should have used more salt and pepper. But they still went perfect with the potato skins :)
Cuties <3
Nick and Johan checking out the new car
Agnes with grandpa
I got my own hairdresser!
Bistro Gränden
Nick saw a bee while buying pastries and had to film it ;) he filmed every bee he saw in Sweden since his dad always call us "little bees" or "little beans" lol
I have always enjoyed grocery shopping with Nick just because we both enjoy good food
The forest gold
Gimme gimme gimme!

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