Vallby friluftsmuseum, The Jungle Book and Systembolaget

We started the month of August with a delicious breakfast ;) Nick went wild in the kitchen trying everything that he could get his hands on, haha! He's very interested in different kinds of food so all of this Swedish stuff was a blast. As soon as he saw something new he opened it and had a bite. His face lit up in a huge smile and he said that he wanted to live here forever and ever <3 haha aww :D He ended up having a cheese, egg and blackberry ham burrito for breakfast.
The weather was amazing the last two weeks before Nick got here. But it's has been colder and quite windy and rainy on most days since then. Nick loves it while I am pretty bummed out that some of my plans aren't going to work out now. There is no use going to the beach in our swim wear if it looks like it is going to rain! But because Nick loves Sweden SO much and wants to come back, I have decided to let go of that disappointment. I know we will have more opportunities to do all of those things. Beforehand I was worried that Nick maybe wouldn't think it was worth the loooong trip to come back here as often as I want, that I tried to squeeze in as many activities as possible. Now I am relazed about it, whatever we get done is great, the rest can wait.
After breakfast we took a 5 minute car ride to Vallby Friluftsmuseum. It's like an outdoor park with Scandinvian animals that they used to have at farms in the old days, nowadays too of course. Usually I dislike going to zoos and animal parks but this one provides a beautiful and natural environment for the animals and I know that they are treated well. Preferably animals shouldn't be locked up at all, they should get to be free like us. Either way, this place is also a museum with houses that are hundreds of years old. You can go into each house and experience what it was like to live there 100-400 years ago. The staff who works there are all dressed as if it was the 1930's. They look like all of my ancestors that I have old pictures of. And the buildings are decorated just as it was back then. They have a school. blacksmith, grocery store, family houses etc. I have been there so many times with my school to get a history lesson, or as a kid simply with my family or friends, christmas markets and midsummer celebrations.
Nick laughed at how I was skipping around like a child going "Look at this! Wow! this baby, look at that! It's so cool!" even though I have seen this place a million times. He said "You were born in the wrong era!" haha :D He knows how much I love history and finds it incredibly fascinating and he absolutely thrived in walking around here too. The only bummer was that the horses and cows weren't out. The nordic Swedish horses with their big furry hooves are my favorites, because they remind me of riding a horse and sled in the winter time.
Afterwards we rushed home to make it to the cinema just in time for "The Jungle Book". Nick was blown away by this movie too :) It was my third time watching it and it simply never gets boring. The last stop for our day was Systembolaget. It's the liqour store that is owned by the government. Alcohol isn't sold in regular stores like in America. We can just buy light beer there. At Systembolaget we can get whatever we want but it closes at 7pm on week days and at 3pm on Saturdays so that people don't get encouraged to drive there to get more when they are already under the influence.
This house is just like our old summer house
The area where they washed off and a very old sewing machine
This radio played the most beautiful old songs in Swedish
Nick took this GORGEOUS picture!!
Small entrances because people were shorter back in those days
What an old school looked like :)
The teacher used to live in the same building as the school
Old stilts - I used to play with that too as a child but unfortunately these toys don't really exist anymore. Nick was good at it! Much better than what I ever was xD
Printing company
Yummilicious soft ice cream with chocolate sprinkles!
Cozy movie time!

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