Gustav the third's Antique Museum

We had to be two early birds in the morning when we took the train to Stockholm! We ended up almost having to run to the train station, but we made it literally on time! I decided to show Nick the modern part of Stockholm first because the older one is my favorite. He wanted to get some things for his friends and also for himself, so we stopped by plenty of tourist shops. They have lots of nice things in there, I always want to buy the whole store myself :) Within an hour the backpack was already full, haha! He also bought a t-shirt in a shop, but when we left to see the royal castle Nick realized that his wallet was gone!! We freaked out of course and thought it had been stolen. Thank goodness the owner of the shop had noticed Nick leaving his wallet on the counter and kept it safe for him until we got back!!! Our whole day and the rest of Nick's trip would have been ruined if the wallet was gone.
Because of that little drama we had to rush over to the castle because I wanted Nick to see the change of guards. They have a ceremony every day where they play music, walk back and forth changing the guards outside of the castle and sometimes include horses. Unfortunately there were no horses this time around. But Nick still thought it was exciting. He told me that being in Stockholm made him realize that he was actually in Europe and in a foreign country, since it's so different from America. They don't exactly have hundreds and hundreds of year old castles over there!
We were supposed so take at least one guided tour but Nick's ankle hurt a lot and I have gone on a tour myself, knowing that it would take an hour I told him we could just walk around ourselves. He was so patient though and walked around with me the whole day despite being in pain. Our first stop in the castle was Gustav the III Antique Museum. It has some paintings and a lot of beautiful statues. It's mindblowing to think about how long those statues have existed, way before we were born.
Excited about our day :)
Boy on a train
Tourist shopping, he found a lot of great things!
St Clara church, there was a service going on so we quickly walked in there to take a picture. I had never been in there before. It was beautiful.
The city is surrounded by water
Very windy
The view from the castle
The guards and the orchestra
I feel little.. so little...

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