Christmas Sweater Party

On December 17th we were invited over to Tasha and Oliver's house. They live just three houses down the street from us but this was the first time I got to meet them. In the evening when we got ready I was reminded of something cute that one of our cats do a lot. When we showered we all of a sudden heard Buggy mjauing outside the door. So we let her inside and she wanted to jump into the shower too. She can sleep all day and night and it so quiet. But she is so interested in all of the typical human things that we do. Like showering, or cooking food in the kitchen. Buggy looks at us with her big eyes like she genuinley wants to understand what is going on. While cooking food she often runs between our legs and begs for us to cuddle with her. And when we come back after being out somewhere, she is the only cat who ever greets us in front of the house. Her mjauing has no boundaries then :P I have missed that little cutiepie so much.

The Christmas sweater party at the neighbors house was great! I got to meet plenty of new people but also old friends who live there. The guys played their guitars as they always do, we all brought Christmas treats and also something for the White Elephant gift exchange. I ended up picking a present full of spicy sauces. You can imagine Nick's reaction :P he hugged those bottles all night, lol. We also got our very first wedding present from Kristie and John! They gave us a nice crockpot which is great for us who always cook a lot of food :) I am happy to now know our neighbors better since I am sad to not have my Swedish friends around. It helps to get to know new people even though they of course don't replace any other friends in my heart. But there sure is space for more friends in there  :)

Nick with Peter's cute dog Rosie
 The hot sauces I "won" for Nick :)

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