Swedish karaoke club... oh boy...

Because of this bad cold I got (again) I stayed home from both work and school during the Easter holiday week. I walked to the school bus both times before my math classes but turned around and walked home - stupid cough! On the weekend I finally started feeling okay again and decided to have some fun with Sofie. We had our own little best friend party at her apartment. I brought pizza as a surprise! I bought it from my favorite pizza place in town, Sofie had never had it before and she loooved it :) I'm telling you, it's the yummiest!
Since I am now a big fan of karaoke clubs (although I don't sing... yet) we took a walk to the karaoke club that is close to where Sofie lives. I knew it would be different than in America because Swedes are... well... Swedes. We stayed there for an hour and had a good time. But it was exactly what we had expected. Everyone stuck to their own group, didn't socialize or talk to anyone else. I knew Swedes were like that before but now that I have been in America and gotten used to a more social vibe, this was just driving me nuts!! How boring are we!? At Effie's it can take 1½ hour for you to get a chance to sing since there are about 30 people in front of you on the list. Here it was the "DJ" who sang the majority of the songs which was mostly cheesy Swedish pop music. The only other person who sang was a woman who seemed to be serenading another woman with the saddest songs and they were both crying their eyes out. It all of a sudden felt like we were at someone's funeral. Great party vibe...
We spent the rest of our night in Sofie's bedroom since her sister lives there now and we wanted to give her space. We turned the lights off completely and just layed there staring at the ceiling, haha! It was so relaxing but neither one of us could fall asleep. So I decided it was time to go home! Before going to the club I got to borrow a sweater from Sofie since I hadn't exactly dressed to go out somewhere. It fit so well that she said I could keep it! In other words - it was a great night! :D
Got up bright and early for math class but had to turn around halfway there. When I got out of breath even just a little bit I started coughing. I knew I couldn't sit through class like that bothering everyone else. But at least I got these beautiful sunrise photos!
Someone is always at work when I'm waking up ;)
Gorgeous sky!
The look on Sofie's face when I surprised her with the pizza... haha!! I thought her eyes would pop out of her head. Priceless.
Best. Freaking. Thing. Ever. Never had a pizza as good as this one from Sturegatan, Västerås.
Karaoke club
Walking home in the dark!
Sofie was dancing away ;) let's just say that the walk home was entertaining
Saying good morning to Nick
Ugh, can't explain just how good it was to eat slightly salted chips at the end of the night!!!!

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