"We needed to do the other stuff"

My week days have the same routines as a tyical grown up. I wake up between 5:30-7:00 am depending on when I start work. And then I spend 8-9 hours at work, maybe buy groceries, take a shower, sit deadbeat tired in front of my computer, have dinner, talk to Nick who is just waking up and then I go to bed at 10:30 pm. As much as work is a pretty good distraction, I miss the spontaneous things we would do in California. Even the simplest things like going for a ride in the car, because as long as I had Nick there it was fun. My options when it comes to friends these days are so few. Lately I have been giving up on asking people to hang out unless it's Sofie or Jasmine, because it just never happens with anyone else. People are busy or forgets about me, which isn't a great feeling. So it seems useless to even reach out to them now, it's their turn to reach out to me. I am going to meet up with Anna for lunch this weekend though, the girl who I traveled to the au pair school in New York together with almost two years ago :) Haven't seen her since that week, so I am looking forward to see how she's doing!
I keep thinking that I want to buy a cat to keep me company here. I always said that I would get a dog but I want a cat now! To sleep by my feet or on my tummy. I just know that I can't afford one now, not to mention bringing it over to America with me. I wouldn't be able to let it go outside which is a condition for me personally because I just think it's wrong to keep animals inside 24/7. I love knowing that Buggy, Reese, Snickers and Twix have the freedom to go wherever they want, despite the risks involved. It's so much fun seeing Buggy run up to me when I come home in the evenings. And Nick sometimes spots one of our cats far away from the house when he comes driving down the road, so he sticks his head out the window and tells them to go home - and they do! Sometimes I swear these cats can speak human, haha! :D
In April we had such a funny weather here in Sweden. We call it "April fools weather" because you can never trust it. One day it was beautiful and sunny and then rain, hail and strong winds a few minutes later. And it kept going back and forth like that all day long. I got to go home a few minutes early, lucky me because just when I left the rain started pouring down worse than ever and I could hardly reach my car because the wind was blowing so hard.
I have never been the kind of person who texts people when I wake up in the middle of the night. But since writing to Nick during weird hours has become a habit, I have woken up to some funny messages a couple of times now! If I happen to wake up during the night I always check my phone to see if I have a message from him, If I do I reply real quick and then go back to sleep. I feel like I am totally aware of what is going on. But one morning I looked at my phone and Nick had written "Other stuff?". So I checked my previous message. He had written that he was at the laundromat and my reply was "Oki baby, i just woke up for a moment. We needed to do the other stuff".... hahaha xD what does that even mean!?
Watching the sunrise while arriving at work
On Fridays us teachers get to take an extra 15 min long break to eat goodies...
Probably the clearest sign of spring in Sweden - vitsippor!
Lol you can clearly see where the teacher's folders were laying while it was raining xD one parent started laughing when he saw all of us teachers giving up after being in the rain for so long. He thought it was funny that we were hiding under a small part of the roof while letting the folders lay in the rain :P
Pancake time...
Nicky time...
When the connection is just great... ugh
Creepy Buggy :P
So... very... tired

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