100 questions and getting that money

I feel like my brain is working twice as hard these days because I think in English half of the time. And I speak in English half of the time. So when I talk to different people I have to decide which language to use. My brain doesn't always come up with the right reaction so I have to fight it xD haha oh bilingual problems.
Me and Nick went through a stage where we didn't skype as much and did our own thing instead. Sometimes it's hard to see someone that you miss so much. But I got tired of focusing so much on the bad and wanted to find the good things about being in a long distance relationship, because there are plenty of things! So I googled something in the lines of "Fun activities to do when you're in a long distance relationship" and I found an article called "A list of 100 questions to ask your partner on date nights". It's seriosuly such a blast for us to discuss these questions a few at a time every time we skype. We are about halfway through and I don't want the questions to end. We have learned things about each other that we would never have known otherwise. Nick would maybe not have known that my second career choice is to have my own photo studio where people can hire me to take their pictures. Or to have me come to their special occasions and take beautiful photos. I would love to do that one day but don't know if I ever will. 
I am at another preschool now and I love it so much. The teachers and kids are so much calmer because they have several special needs kids who can't stand loud sounds. I love hanging out with the kids and got a good connection from the first day. One who apparently is always shy around new subteachers was the first one to approach me :) Although me working about 8 hours per day meant that Nick has had to wake up an hour earlier some mornings so that we can talk. Because I don't always have the chance to skype on my break because he is already asleep or hanging out with someone. And I have to go to bed when he wakes up. It sucks!

We got some bad news in the middle of the week too. I wrote about this before in another post while we were stressing out about it. Nick to the car to a mecanic to get something small fixed but it turned out that the car needed a new radiator. It has started smoking a lot lately when he's been driving and I guess that is what caused the problem. It would cost $1,227 to fix.This really stressed us out since that was all of the money we had saved up for his flight ticket to Sweden. The visa has already been paid for but we have a ton of other things that needs to be bought. The same night I threw up and got sick because of something I had eaten for lunch at the preschool. Let's just say that we were miserable. Those upcoming days were rough but we slowly got through it and we're good now :) I decided to work the next day since I wasn't sick, it was just something I ate. And thinking about the car issue... it would have broken down at this point anyways! So if we had already bought his flight ticket we would not have had the money to fix the car and that would have been a huge problem and a much worse situation. And Nick has decided to get a second job so that we can save up the money again. I will also use some of my money for the ticket, as much as needed, since I have to see him or I'll go nuts over here. So in a way it was a blessing in disguise that it broke down now before we bought the ticket.
Nick apparently experiences some body changes lately ;) haha!
Stupid faces
Miss this man!!!
On my break at the preschool I took a walk to this beautiful church
Talking to Nick before finding out about the car, he had just dropped it off at the mecanic

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