Teen mom drama and another ankle surgery

Arrgghh this is so frustrating xD I want to watch the next seasons of "Teen mom 2" but cant find them anywhere!!! I could buy a DVD for 34 dollars but there is no way I will do that. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!! I finished watching season 2 in just one day and had to jump to watching season 7 that airs now. So it's like watching a completely different world where the kids who just turned 1 are turning 7 years old, their moms have had more kids, and several have gotten divorces and spent time at rehabs for various reasons.
I only used to watch "Teen mom Original" and never got into the second series, but it has become a good distraction for me. Some other people's drama to get sucked into so I can forget about the stressful things in my own life. Oh well, season 7 ends today so now I have to wait again :P
Work in May was a bit rough because I was often sent around to different places at the preschool. It's just more pressure when I need to learn the names of 80 kids and there are 40 other kids at the preschool that I haven't met yet. You quckly have to jump in and learn their routines, personalities and let me not even get started on the parents names. I have to introduce myself to every new parent I see and go "Hello, I don't believe we have met but I work here as a subteacher and I'm going to be here for a while". The parents say their names and it goes in to one ear and out the next. Because it's hard enough to keep track of those 80 kids names!! It's so good to have Nick's encouraging comments then. At the end of the day not a lot of people go to work because they absolutely love it, we do it because we need the money. Most of us would probably much rather travel or do something else with our time instead. So having someone to support you on those rough days is helpful. It's like Nick said one day "The world makes us do annoying things to make money. So glad I found someone to love to get through life 💜".
Speaking of Nick, my poor baby has to get another surgery on his ankle. He went to the doctor because the pain has really been bothering him. Since he has arthritis the pain will never completely go away but the doctor said that he could probably ease the pain in one place at least. Nick can choose himself when he wants to do it so he's going to wait until I'm back in San Jose. Which I am happy about because I would hate for him to go through surgery while I am way over here in Sweden not being able to do one thing for him. That would have sucked so bad!
Faceswap with our I Love Lucy sign ;)
My dad gave me this beautiful Christmas decoration that my grandma apparently has given to me when I was younger. I love how many nice old things are starting to show up since they have had to go through so many boxes! I was seriously just talking about how I wanted to get something like this and now we have one, all thanks to my grandma!
Skyped with Petronella just a few days before she left America :) I could totally understand her conflicted emotions about it
Taking a walk on my break at work

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