I told you so

Me and Nick are watching a show called "Dates from hell". Well technically I have already seen all of the episodes that are up on YouTube and I'm now making Nick catch up ;) it's kind of depressing though so we only watch it once in a while. But it's really good! One episode was actually about a sports guy in San Jose who got killed after going on a date. They went to a restaurant called Original Joe's. Nick says he's been there and even knows the bartender, haha! He says we would both love the food so we have decided that this will be one of the first places we'll go to when I get back! We love having little things like these to look forward to!
I gotta book a doctor's appointment when I get my paycheck next month because my shoulder is really bothering me. For years I have had this weird problem where my left shoulder sometimes feels like it pops out of place just a tiiiny bit. I don't know if that's actually what happens, but that's how it feels. I can't lift my arm up without it hurting, but I'm not completely handicapped either. After a few hours it goes away. I usually just get this maybe once every four months. But in the last three weeks it has happened too many times. I'm getting tired of it and just want to figure out what is going on. Because it gets in my way, especially at work where I need to move around a lot.
I recently went through the green card information in the book that I bought, so now we are clear on how that process works as well. I pushed it off for months because it's was too exhausting to even think about. It feels much better now that it's been done. I still gotta organize all of the paper work in a folder though, but both me and Nick have copies on our hard drives and computers and that is what's most important. This process is not fun at all. Being away from each other is emotionally draining and every day is like a rollercoaster of ups and downs. One moment we're fine and enjoying life and in the next we miss each other so bad. It's physically painful. It has gotten easier to deal with over time, but the pain and sadness is always there in our stomachs no matter what we do or how fun we have. Some days are easier than others when it comes to getting out of bed. But luckily we both feel the same way and can be each other's moral support.
It was also a bit rough for me to switch work to another preschool because I liked it so much at the last one. I basically jumped out of bed in the mornings. But at this one I work with older kids so they don't need us teachers as much. And my hours are very different. I work 8-9 hours most days of the week and sometimes my hours stretch between 7:15 am to 4pm. It's exhausting. But lately I have gotten into it and the kids love me as much as I love them. It's just hard to motivate myself when I wake up alone in bed every morning. Nick is so lucky to have a ton of friends who come over to his house every day and even stays the night. My room is too quiet...
It's fun to hear some of the things that happens to Nick though. He's just one of those people who has interesting and strange things happening to him. All kinds of people get attracted to his presence, both the good and the bad. One day Nick and Shane had been to the store to buy some things, but while they were there some guy told another person "There is so much evil in this world, can you believe it?" and made an obvious glare at Nick and Shane. It's so typical that religious people think they know how Nick lives his life. They are often quick to pass judgement on him. But Nick and Shane were luckily quick to give this guy every argument in the book about why they don't think that this guy's opinions is very valid or reasonable. He of course just stood there in between them saying nothing at all. Often these sort of people tell Nick "If you want any answers, speak to my priest about it" because they don't have the answers themselves of course and want to get away. It's ridiculous. I want to explain though that I'm not talking about all religious people here, we know plenty of believers who are nothing but wonderful and kind. But when you assume that you know everything about a person after just looking at them, then you're more of a sinner than any one of us. What happened to only caring about a person's personality? I was so frustrated in the beginning when people kept telling me to be careful around Nick because he looked like such a "bad boy". They judged him too quickly because when they met him, they fell for his kind spirit and heart just like I already had. I told you so...
Tired bead
Miss those long lashes
And here I am, in the cold rain

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